Lucy In Disguise Official Store Opening

Thursday, 16 Sept 2010 saw the opening and launch party of Lucy In Disguise; the new store of gorgeous vintage finds and favourites from Lily Allen and half sister Sarah Owen.

They placed it in the heart of Covent Garden, and with London Fashion week arriving the launch couldn’t come at a better time. There was a great celeb turnout; we spotted Jaime Winstone, Professor Green, Daisy Lowe, Giggs, Nick Grimshaw, Miquita Oliver, Sharleen Spiteri, Rachel Stevens, Frankie Sandford, Meg Matthews, Gizzi Erskine, La Roux, Little Boots, Julian MacDonald and Lily Allens father, Keith Allen of course; he was looking very proud 🙂

The store is absolutely gorgeous; quirky, pretty and over two floors. We loved the sparkling chandelier and the beautifully dressed mannequins. Extreme attention to detail was apparent,with cute little glass cups, flowers, hats and gloves and dressing tables used as decoration. 

We ventured downstairs and found a cool and relaxed, yet excited atmosphere, with Lily Allens ex-boyfriend Seb Chew on the decks spinning us some funky tunes! Attendees were dancing, sipping on fruity cocktails or getting their tresses glammed up courtesy of Bumble and Bumble. And in fear of being too girly girly and boring the men with frock after frock, Lucy In Disguise had a wii game section! So you can leave your boyfriend in the waiting room playing playstation whilst you shop! Perfect!

Lily arrived in a long black dress with a white peter pan collar and a gorgeous quilted overcoat; she was loud, bubbly and excited and had a wii experience with Sarah before taking some pictures. She was very accommodating throughout the night; mingling very well and showing her guests and shoppers around the many rails of gorgeous vintage finds.

We enjoyed having a good snoop at pieces; with some starting from £50 but many being in the £1,000-1,500 range. Alongside collectibles like Pucci and Chanel, there are also treasures from lesser-known brands, including, Leonard, Zoe Coste and Bill Gibb. But the best thing is you can even hire some of the pieces; one dress was only $25 to hire! How amazing is that! Whatever your budget, you can afford to wear a gorgeous vintage frock! Giving it back may be where the problem starts though…

The store launch was quirky and fun; everything that describes Lily to a tee and we can honestly say the sisters did a great job.

Ps; Did we forget to mention how much they both look alike? Stunning!
Pps; Trust Lily to stock the goodie bags with Grey Goose! Lucy In Disguise also has an all-day vodka bar in store! Yes! We tell you no lies…

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