Curl Snob: MoroccanOil ♥


So recently I’ve been loving the wash and go attitude you can have with naturally curly hair and I have been fully embracing my curls. It’s been a pleasant change from my usual silky straight; I can wear it huge and afro or in cute little ringlets, jazz it up with a few twists, plaits or quiffs and I’m good to go.  Being curly has been fun, I must say. It brings out my wild side 😉

So when it comes to hair products I want one specifically for curly hair, and one that will ensure my hair curls perfectly. And that is surely MoroccanOil’s  Intense Curl Cream; tried and tested. It gave my curls a wonderful bounce and I have a head full of ringlets whenever I use it! You only need to use a little bit, and your hair is also noticeably softer immediately after the first application. Simply rub a small amount through wet or dry curls. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the range 🙂

MoroccanOil can be purchased and also delivered to your house for a good price via one of my favourite hair salons, The Hair Lounge, Portobello Rd. 0208 969 9444. Give Charlotte a call and ask her for some of that good stuff. Say I recommended it to you.

To all my curly haired readers, let me know how well the product worked with your hair

Love P x


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