Spread Your Wings and Fly Towards Success

Success is limited to a few “lucky” individuals right? Not all of us can be privileged with success, just those whose “fate” it is to be successful right? WRONG. WRONG!! Every single one of us has the ability to be successful, as success is knowing your destiny. Once you realise your destiny it is absolutely impossible for you to not succeed. It is your DESTINY. Do you get that? It is what you are DESTINED to do. When you are destined to do something, the whole world will conspire in your favour to make it happen. That is the truth. Of course, not many of us realise our destiny, and this is where the problem occurs. Some of us don’t realise it, some of us don’t search for it, some of us don’t believe in it. And as a result, many of us are left unsatisfied and disappointed with life as we further endorse the notion that “I am just unlucky”. Bullshit! Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Search within yourself for your DESTINY. Yes, I will keep repeating that word as it should be the most important thing to you; more important than life itself. Because what is life, if it isn’t YOUR life as it is DESTINED to be?
As many of you read this, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That pulling at your heart, that stirring in your belly. The feelings you can’t shake off, the voices in your head. Telling you to change direction. Not to fear. To chase your dreams. Not to give up. What do you fear? Do you fear failing at your destiny more than you fear never realising it? If so, as common as this fear is, it’s insanity! Why, you ask? It is insanity because your DESTINY WILL NEVER FAIL YOU. If you listen to the truth of your heart, and follow its every word, you simply cannot fail. Of course, there will be obstacles, and would you not want a few? Challenges make your destiny so much more purposeful, not to mention bring strength and courage to your journey. But I guarantee,  you stay pursuing nothing but your destiny and those obstacles will eventually decrease, as you become more and more powerful; more in tune with your heart and the world and with a developed skill of spotting a problem as its approaching and knowing how to overcome it. Your confidence will grow, as you will start to see things changing around you; from your needs and desires, your accomplishments, to the way people around you respect you. Because anyone being true to themselves and not afraid to follow their destiny warrants respect. You will start to understand how important your heart is in guiding you. You will learn the tricks and patterns of your mind, and how your heart is so much closer to the truth, than your mind could ever be. And most importantly, you will develop an insatiable hunger for LIFE. You will start to LIVE, not exist.

No, not everyone’s DESTINY is to be rich and famous. And thank God for that. But whatever your destiny, it is YOUR own. And realising it is the only way you will ever reach contentment and fulfilment. So own it, nurture it, listen to and follow it. Anything else is simply a waste of time, a waste of life. And your heart will not hesitate to tell you that, after the years have passed, I promise you that. (Suddenly thought of the “mid-life crisis” Who am I? what is my life about??!) Your heart will never betray you. So I suggest you make a point, every day, of sitting down and having a conversation with your heart; check in daily to make sure you are on the right path.

DESTINY. Get that word ingrained in your mind. Now start living it.

Spread Your Wings and Fly
Spread Your Wings and Fly

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