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Full Cut The Chat episode feat Portia Freno

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

You can now watch the full Cut The Chat episode here. I had a lot of fun filming and it is a great watch, however due to the way it was edited it looks like I said I was lead in Adam Deacons film Anuvahood… I didn’t say that… I in fact said I had a dream that Adam wrote a film and put me as lead, and it turned out shortly after that he had in fact written a film and wanted me to audition for various roles… what a coincidence aye? Anyway, no one has said anything but just thought I would clear that up 😉

Anyway, thanks to the Cut The Chat team! Enjoy 🙂


Channel M

Channel M caught up with Adam at our Manchester signing; make sure you watch the whole thing as you see quite a bit of me in it 🙂 xx

Black Hair Magazine

Have you picked up a copy of Black Hair Magazine yet? If not, go and do it!! You’ll find me on pages 73-77 xx

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Take Down – July 2011

The latest episode of Take Down includes footage from the Anuvahood tour! Check it out

Asian Today feature

Read the full feature on Portia Freno in the Asian Today, online here

Flyer Newspaper feature

Read the full feature here!

Exclusive; Speak Up UK Speaks to Portia Freno

July 10, 2011 4 comments

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