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Tamia – Tomorrow

Tamia is too amazing and I’ll be posting up a lot of her music. Despite her talent and being on the scene for a long time, she is still slept on and underrated by many. This performance gave me goosebumps.


She’s HOT! Anita Darling Ubhi

April 13, 2011 Leave a comment

My latest feature for “She’s HOT” had to be the cool and sassy Anita Darling Ubhi, Fashion stylist and founder/editor of award-winning fashion site Anita Darling.

My first encounter with Anita was when she was painting my nails for a beauty shoot. Little did I know how much talent and persistence this young woman possessed.  It wasn’t long though before we were talking all things fashion and industry and I started to discover that Anita was certainly one to watch in the fashion world.

Anita Darling Ubhi boasts an extensive CV and experience that most women in the fashion industry would envy, but it was hard work and dedication, mixed with passion and Anita’s entrepreneurial skills that deservedly got her where she is today.

A Fashion Stylist & Critique of all things Stylish and Eclectic – Anita Darling has an eye for the finer things in life from fashion to art and has been trained in her craft at the London College of Fashion.

β€œI have always been a collector, whether it’s little bits of advice from world-renowned experts in the Fashion & Beauty industry, or magazines, jewellery, shoes, random bits here and there, feathers and even anything sparkly – whatever – it’s all pure gold to me. And I love scribbling it all down in my notebook…so I thought, why not share it with everyone…? My website includes everything from Fashion, Beauty, Books and Art and there are Designer features, Interviews and Reviews. Readers can also send in pictures if they wish…”

Whilst studying Fashion Design & Management at the London College of Fashion, Anita Darling began working as a Fashion Consultant at Luxury Designer boutique, Nanette Lepore. As a designer to the stars, Nanette was quick to pick up on Anita’s passion and knowledge in the industry and quickly made her Personal Stylist at the boutique. A number of celebrities from Kate Moss to Victoria Beckham visited and were styled and dressed by Anita. From this Anita began to receive a number of personal shopping requests and with clientele quickly growing, she left the boutique in 2008 to focus on working as a Fashion Stylist. Since, Anita Darling has had a number of high-end clients that she has styled for as well as a number of publications that her styling work has been featured in.

Even I have been styled by and worked with Anita πŸ™‚ And it really was a pleasure working with her; very innovative and sure of what she wants, but still very sweet and friendly.

In March 2011 Anita Darling was awarded Best Fashion Blog by Harrods of London and her site has now been nominated in the Online Fashion Awards 2011.


Nail Rock have exclusively teamed up with Kylie Minogue to create the amazing Kylie Aphrodite nail wraps!!! And Anita is giving away 5 FREE PACKS via her website! It’s very quick and easy to enter, and you could be rocking designer fingers and toes πŸ˜‰ Click here to enter

Anita Darling Ubhi
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Laetitia Galen; Imagined Photography

August 30, 2010 4 comments

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Meet Laetitia Galen; the beautiful face and talent behind Imagined Photography.

I have picked Laetitia to debut my “She’s Hot!” segment for many reasons. Not only does she remind me of myself with her go-getter attitude, ambition, drive and spirituality, not to mention talent ;), having worked with her it’s obvious to see that this woman is going places.

Laetitia got in touch with me online, and on a last minute spur of the moment decision, we found ourselves spontaneously shooting minutes from my house. We didn’t even shoot a lot of frames, in fact we had so much in common and so much to talk about, that we ended up sitting by the river having a good old natter! When I finally suggested getting back to shooting again, Laetitia took a quick peek at the images on her camera and replied, “No, it’s cool. I’ve got what I need here.”.

This is a confident woman that knows what she wants.

At the young age of only 21, Laetitia Galen started photography not too long ago, and developed a passion for bringing out the “soul-deep beauty” in people through experimentation. She still feels her work is 20% technical knowledge and 80% feeling and instinct, often joking with people that she’s not sure what she’s pressing on the camera or computer – which might contain a little bit of truth! Whatever feels “right” in an image, stays. Whatever feels wrong, is tweaked (sometimes for hours) in Photoshop until it’s just right (“I have self-diagnosed OCD when it comes to colours!”). Every image is simply a fun experiment, and she considers each new project a challenge to herself to do the best she possibly can with the picture. As much as her end goal is high-fashion, portraits are still her true love, and macro her guilty pleasure.

Her work exudes a natural “caught in the moment” feel, and I have already been told off for one or two of my images that have been airbrushed. “People will assume you have bad skin, which is far from the truth. Do not allow photgraphers to airbrush your images like that!”.

Laetitia may be small with an innocent looking pretty face, but she can be pretty scary when it comes to orders!

Peep some of my images from our 20 minute shooting and 2 hours gossiping, photo shoot, below, followed by a testimonial she kindly wrote about me.

“Portia is (as I often like to tell her on Twitter) a wonderful model and person. She is bubbly and has a cute personality, but turns up the heat when she needs to in front of the camera. I could go on for days about how perfect her skin is, but I won’t – unless you ask me to. She’s one of those rare beauties who is also intellectual in addition to being multi-talented – which makes her a force to be reckoned with. And now I shall stop praising her as I don’t want to sound like a groupie (though I would show off her autograph if I got it!)”

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