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I’ve got music in my bones today; it’s oozing out of me, I need it to satisfy my appetite, to feed my soul. It is cleansing. The sound washes through me and soothes my spirit. I’m going to be posting what I am listening to today; would be wrong not to share 🙂 First up….. This tune by Damian Marley does something to me; it’s just so ridiculously beautiful. It speaks of an unconditional love that is so rare yet so essential in life…. This one’s for you…. xxx



The beautiful Nneka pleads to the world and African people to open their eyes and recognise the reality of the suppression we find ourselves in

Fashion Frenzy Promo vid

December 3, 2011 1 comment

I thought I’d quickly post the promo vid for the Fashion Frenzy, Children in Need fundraiser, which I was recently involved in. I had a great night; my highlights being the Obscure Couture show, Glenda the comedienne, eating cupcakes made by two adorable twins, bumping heads with Masato and the lovely owners of Scarecrow Boutique, and catching up with Anna Gregory again, who had the same enthusiasm and positive vibe/energy about her that I remembered her to have when last seeing her at LFW.

Well done also to N’Damus, Dom of Air, Eve Yasmine, The Cupcake Twins, and many more which I am sure I will remember immediately after posting this 🙂

Ande and her team did a fantastic job, and so did everyone else involved, including those who came down and contributed. So thank you if that was you! xx

Full Cut The Chat episode feat Portia Freno

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

You can now watch the full Cut The Chat episode here. I had a lot of fun filming and it is a great watch, however due to the way it was edited it looks like I said I was lead in Adam Deacons film Anuvahood… I didn’t say that… I in fact said I had a dream that Adam wrote a film and put me as lead, and it turned out shortly after that he had in fact written a film and wanted me to audition for various roles… what a coincidence aye? Anyway, no one has said anything but just thought I would clear that up 😉

Anyway, thanks to the Cut The Chat team! Enjoy 🙂

Cut The CRAP! Aisleyne and Portia Freno talk boobies

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

For a while I was meaning to feature on Cut the Chat but schedules never permitted. I missed out on the all female special which was a shame; however shortly after coming off tour, I was invited again to film the next episode and I said of course, I’ll bring Aisleyne too 🙂 (Bit of girl power) We were also joined by the brilliant Jazzie so it was guaranteed to be lots of fun. The full episode isn’t available yet, but Femi and the crew have managed to get a short vid out on what honestly may have been the most serious issue we discussed that evening. (Only kidding)…

“Aislyene and Portia Freno talk boobies”  Haha. Full vid coming soon x

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