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Red is certainly Not Dead

August 28, 2010 1 comment

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I must admit: it’s been a while since I left the house on a night out; whether it be a casual party or high profile event, in a red dress. But with red being one of the hottest hues this season; do you dare to wear?

Emilio Pucci

Giorgio Armani

Beyonce gives us fever in the campaign for her latest fragrance

Red is associated with raw and passionate emotion, so this bold colour is only to be worn by those wanting to make a statement.

Don’t be shy to brighten up your outfit with only a splash of the colour. Don’t forget, as I mentioned in a previous post; this fall is all about combination and contrast. Frenzel causes a frenzy with his wild chunky knitwear, below.

Sam Frenzel

My must haves are below; which are yours?

Ok, ok, I know it’s a cape and not a dress, but capes are red hot right now, and this one by Issa is scorching

This cape from Issa is to die for

Etro contrasts with grey; I love!

Ellie Saab proves Red is certainly not dead

Ellie Saab; does he ever go wrong?

So! Get those icy pulses racing this winter cos Red is most certainly not dead 😉


Reasons why I cannot wait for Winter

August 26, 2010 6 comments

Yes Yes Yes! Winter is around the corner!!! Why am I so happy you ask? Doesn’t winter equal miserable, dull weather, cold hands and feet and hibernation? Noooooo! Winter is the perfect excuse to show off a great wardrobe, and with AW 10/11 proving to be something of a classic season all round, quite frankly, I can’t wait.

This year focuses on traditional colours; camel, browns, navy blue and greys take centre stage. The late 1950s/early 1960s period seems to be of inspiration this year; think Grace Kelly. I’m delighted to notice that traditional shapes and styles, such as the full skirt, the trench coat and the feminine blouse have made a comeback 🙂

I’m adoring the full skirt and knitwear combo by Louis Vuitton below

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The Atumn/Winter season is all about contrast. And, it’s not only prim and proper, feminine styling that you will be seeing in designer and high st stores. This year also offers a very minimalist, simple style. If you consider your style more of a modern and straight forward one, then you will love this trend. A-line skirts, cigarette pants and shift dresses are a must in your wardrobe. The contrast of dark and light combinations are key here; throw in a splash of colour to accentuate the look and you have made a huge statement; simple, modern, powerful. Peep an example from Celine below.

I adore the contrast modelled on the left; simple yet sexy, the splash of orange is far from dull and makes a big statement

Let’s talk winter jackets; we are talking the return of fur, denim, the cape and the aviator. We are also talking the combination of them all. I can hardly contain myself.

Philip Lim

Peep the gorgeously expensive collection from Burberry below.

I am in love. Wouldn't this look great in your wardrobe? Not so great on the credit card....


Above, this cape from Pugh demands attention and screams futuristic yet minimalistic chick; meanwhile Alexander Wang offers a more formal yet feminine alternative below; which do you prefer?

You may be thinking; great, fantastic, beautiful! But waaaaay too expensive. Of course I had to do a bit of research to see which high st stores can offer a cheaper version, without compromising on design.

Topshop and River Island stepped up to the plate. I adore sheepskin, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I caught sight of these.

Aviator at River Island

Pop down to Reiss where you will find the aviator above at £350

And it’s quite simple; team your look with some oversized mittens and sheepskin lined boots, and you’re more than good to go. Chunky knitwear and plenty of sheepskin are all involved. With such a fabulous collection to look forward to this year, I predict a lot of strutting down West End! Especially in these….

What’s even better is it’s all looking good for mixing up, so there is no need to worry about marking yourself out as belonging to one particular trend; variety, contrast and combination is key for this years A/W collection.

So I say, bring on Winter!!

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