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Beyonce- Run the World (LIES)



Beyonce for Dazed & Confused in Givenchy

Beyonce graces the cover and pages of Dazed and Confused magazine and here you can catch some of the pages. Bey seems to have lost a lot of weight, and as much as I’m missing those famous curves, she still looks hot.

She wears Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Gareth Pugh among other designers, but I’m particularly loving her custom Givenchy outfit she is wearing on the cover.

Beyonce…. Still running the music scene?

May 23, 2011 1 comment

After first hearing Beyonce’s latest single I was soooooo disappointed, that I believed I wouldn’t be posting the video once released. ┬áBut I wanted to know what you guys thought, plus use it as an excuse to post up my boys remix, which I believe is better ­čśë

The song is a rip off; I didn’t expect Beyonce to recycle a beat that isn’t amazing or classic. If she’s gonna make a club/party track surely she could have got a fresh beat? But it’s also the fact she’s done yet another club track that we could really do without, lets face it. Beyonce said she wants to be remembered as a legend, well in that case she needs to do better than this. Legends don’t produce songs like this. This track sounds like many others and I will forget it in an instant. Not to mention that I’m a bit tired of women using their pussy, looks and sexuality to define “power”. Women act like pussy is the one thing men do not have that we do, so the one thing we can use to divide ourselves and be powerful. But I disagree. It’s boring seeing her gyrate her crotch and I’m bored of music videos being soft porn shows for men. If women run the world, why does our sole purpose seem to be catering for and trying to be as attractive as possible to men? It would have been refreshing to see Beyonce show off women with brains, or even fully dressed for a change, and being sexy for reasons other than aesthetic ones. ┬áPlus the divide between men and women is also getting boring.

And it’s not only the song/concept that disappointed me; the video was pretty naff too. Seen it all before B, I’m sorry. My favourite part; when Beyonce wears the stunning green dress and dances; we all know she is a great dancer and I enjoyed that scene. ┬áIt is undeniable that Beyonce can sing, dance, and perform better than any artist we have on the scene, so with that in mind, I always expect something spectacular. Beyonce played it safe with this one, afraid that breaking boundaries may fail her, so stuck to an old but catchy club beat and the infamous gyrating, to ensure solid sales. I feel let down. I feel ripped off. All this time you’ve been quiet, I was getting excited that you had amazing things in store Bey! HOWEVER, it is rumoured that Beyonces forthcoming tracks may be afro beat, and I am TOTALLY looking forward to that if that be the case.

Beyonce, you’re still the Queen, but that crown is slipping……

Peep Maleek Berry’s remix here:┬á

Red is certainly Not Dead

August 28, 2010 1 comment

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I must admit: it’s been a while since I left the house on a night out; whether it be a casual party or high profile event, in a red dress. But with red being one of the hottest hues this season; do you dare to wear?

Emilio Pucci

Giorgio Armani

Beyonce gives us fever in the campaign for her latest fragrance

Red is associated with raw and passionate emotion, so this bold colour is only to be worn by those wanting to make a statement.

Don’t be shy to brighten up your outfit with only a splash of the colour. Don’t forget, as I mentioned in a previous post; this fall is all about combination and contrast. Frenzel causes a frenzy with his wild chunky knitwear, below.

Sam Frenzel

My must haves are below; which are yours?

Ok, ok, I know it’s a cape and not a dress, but capes are red hot right now, and this one by Issa is scorching

This cape from Issa is to die for

Etro contrasts with grey; I love!

Ellie Saab proves Red is certainly not dead

Ellie Saab; does he ever go wrong?

So! Get those icy pulses racing this winter cos Red is most certainly not dead ­čśë

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