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They need me to…. SHUT THE FUCK UP

July 16, 2012 1 comment

They want me to put on my Louboutins, and pose.

They need me to fall in love with the puppets on the TV screens, so that I idolise the wrong way to live.

They need me to hate myself, but to claim I love myself, by posting up lots of naked pictures so that people can “like” them.

They need me to constantly be challenged by how I look and feel, so that I constantly worry if I am fitting in, if I am accepted, if I am keeping up with “the trends”

They need me to feel insecure

They want me to hate myself so much so, that I hide my real face behind Bobby, and my real hair behind Remi

They want me to panic, so that I chase Lizzy and not myself. But I don’t even know Lizzy. I just know that she is supposed to be our Queen

They need me to buy into the false sense of hope that is sold to us continuously, so that I may also celebrate with the masses in a false sense of achievement. By this time, it will be too late.

They need me to act dumb and call it sexy. AKA Nicki minaj. No I am not having a seizure, it’s called music.

They want me to care about what others think about me, more than what I think about me

They need me lost and confused, looking for answers…. so that I come running to them and believe anything that leaves me to continue living comfortably.

They need me to keep sending money to the charities. To be honest, it doesn’t seem to be making much difference; billions have been donated but yet they still ask me for a fiver and children still die of aids. But that must be because justice costs so much right? The government are doing all that they can. I even heard FloRida donated £1,000,000 the other day. He is such a humble and caring celeb. I brought his single when I heard that.

They want me to live a lie comfortably, and to stay distracted, so that I will also die living this lie

They want me dying to live and living to die….. Living has now turned into merely surviving

They need me to serve a corporate company all week, and a club all weekend, so that at no point, do I really truly serve myself

They want me to believe that material things make me happy, so that whenever mother nature calls and I feel alone, I can fill that void with a pair of shoes

They need me to buy into success stories on the TV, so that my perception of success and what is powerful is false.

They want me to spend all day on Facebook and twitter, inside the comfort of my home, so that I spend less time outside, asking the earth for the answers.

They need me to belittle anyone that questions the system. They want me to call them conspiracy theorists, or mad men, so that I continue being a robot and living a lie. Besides, these conspiracy theorists are usually broke, right? They weren’t at the club last night popping bottles, what do they know?

They want me to chase men with money, because money and a man with lots of it is what will complete my life. It will mean that I can wear designer labels until I die. I will die in style.

They want me to tweet that I am “winning” and “yolo”. To be honest I am not quite sure why I tweet this, but to be fair we do only live once, and I am winning; I just bought a fast car AND signed a deal.

They need me to continue to degrade myself, and everyone around me, by claiming that women rule the world by using their vaginas and sexuality, and are objects of desire that can be bought as long as the man has an ego he can “back up” and plenty of money to go with it.

They need me chasing all the wrong things

They need me addicted to unhappiness. But that will never happen. Because I am so happy, can’t you see? #Winning 



Running, Running, Running…… But where exactly??

July 14, 2012 2 comments

I don’t actually know what I want to write about today but like I promised myself, I will write anyway and see what flows….. I feel ultra Alien today; took one look at twitter and it reminded me how lost everyone is. Then I checked my Facebook and was only further reminded. I hate sounding like a pessimist but bloody hell, wake up people. Today it dawned on me that people want to be fed everything on a silver spoon; as long as what they are hearing makes their lives feel comfortable and means they are accepted, they will accept whatever you tell them. And if you offer them an alternative, they want to be spoon-fed that also otherwise they aren’t buying it; very few are willing to proactively do their own research these days. We are also extreme people-pleasers; we want to feel we are doing the right thing and gaining people’s approval. If enough people congratulate or encourage you, you feel good right? So stuff the person who is raining on your parade and speaking truth that hurts; that makes your life uncomfortable. Well, do you not feel uncomfortable knowing that you are acting like complete morons and wasting your lives? Here is one very quick and simple example of how brain dead we can act as society.

Cancer is a sensitive subject for most; for those who have lost someone close to them due to the illness, for those who have suffered themselves, and also for those who simply fear ever becoming a victim. It is a particularly sensitive subject for myself; I lost my darling Nan to cancer a few short years ago. I also have a good friend who has suffered with a rare cancer for years and is currently in hospital yet again, going through further treatment that only ever seems to make her feel 10x worse; in fact her treatment always makes her feel like total shit. It is hard to explain the anger and sadness I feel when I think of cancer and the lives it has wasted. But what angers me even more is when people waste their time on these “fundraisers” with the apparent intention to find cures. It only dawns on a small few, usually those who have suffered from cancer in some way, shape or form, to do some real research into cancer, it’s cures and what really happens with the multi-millions of pounds that is made from these endless fundraising schemes and “charities”

Has it ever occurred to you that a lot more money is made from research and treatment, than it is in a cure? Imagine if the cure was revealed tomorrow; what would happen? Well, a number of things. First, it might be a case of who can afford the cure? Who should be given the cure? Of course, everyone is and should be entitled to it, but we all know that is not how it would happen. It would be a luxury that only the very rich could afford. Which is funny because, the cure is actually a simple drug that cannot be patented and is therefore not actually worth a lot of money; it is actually quite cheap. Anyone with half a brain cell, knows that anything that cannot be patented is not worth anything to the pharmaceutical companies. For example; suffering from a cold? The best thing for you would be some raw garlic, spinach, strawberries or anything else packing in vitamin c, not to mention a hot pepper soup with extra pepper; that will clear you right up! But if everyone was to really rely on the natural resources and foods that God gave them, where would the Rockefellers and their multi-trillion pharmaceutical companies be? Well, not in a very good position that’s where. You cannot patent anything that is natural. So instead, they sell you the appeal of taking their drugs, whether it’s beechams, calpol, lemsip or whatever else they fool you off with, to cure your cold. This of course, really leads me to explain the whole cycle of PRS – Problem, Reaction, Solution, which will break down why we get ill in the first place, even down to little colds, then rely on the same problem pushers to solve our problem…. at a price very beneficial to them. But I will save that for another day as I am going off track and it will be too much information for you all. So, lets go back to the cure for cancer being revealed. Say goodbye to regular fundraising schemes which makes the government stinking rich. Say goodbye to the ongoing treatment of cancer which makes the pharmaceutical companies trillions, literally. Say hello to a new generation free from the devastating threat of the C word, a full population of healthy beings that no longer look so much like walking pound signs suffering, but like liberated people.  I mean, even if you do wish to remain completely ignorant and want to turn up your nose to the ugly truth, I can meet you halfway. Lets say there is no cure then. Ok fine, there is no cure. Now, please explain how running around in a pink tshirt, promoting whatever huge company you have plastered across your t-shirt (a company which is receiving some great press and exposure from “funding” or “supporting” your cause, not to mention an increase in sales) is going to do in regards to finding a cure? Oh yes, that’s right, it is raising money. Well, bearing in mind that there is already billions of pounds available, sorry trillions of pounds available to use towards researching a cure, we now know that money isn’t the issue, neither is it the reason why a cure “hasn’t” been found. So, now that we have cleared that up, please explain why you think the couple of hundred quid you made running around the park is going to make a difference? I can guarantee you that, like everyone else who has participated in cancer research fundraising for the last 5, 10 or more years, you are not making a difference. I’m sorry, you can hate me all you like. Hate me for telling you the truth. But I am telling you because I care. There is so much passion between us, so much drive and dedication, and we should be focusing that on real change. Or do you want to be in the same place 10 years from now; donating 20 quid to a friend who’s doing another pointless run with Kelloggs cornflakes, meanwhile you’ve lost friends or family to cancer? I doubt that is what you want. You see, the ruling elite cash in on our feelings; our hope and determination for better things. They offer us a false sense of hope and achievement by keeping us busy with useless schemes such as the ones I speak of today. They know how much hurt we felt when we lost our loved ones to cancer. They know we will do anything it takes if we believe it is making a difference. And every now and then they might even make us believe we did make a difference, with a success story, something, anything to ensure we keep going and running in the wrong direction; further away from the truth. Besides, a charity run means unity right? It sees society who were once complete strangers, getting together and running for a worthwhile and mutual cause. And it is a beautiful thing. But oh how beautiful it would be were it not all an illusion. You see, it all seems so lovely and positive that we dread to think it could be a scam. The same way the charity you donate £10 a month to is still appealing for just a little more, despite the fact that the camera crew had enough money to fly over first class and feed the whole crew, not to mention shove an expensive camera in a poor dying childs face, then sit in their expensive editing suites putting together a heart-tearing advert for us all. The other day, they thanked you for the millions they had made, yet again the next day they showed us that the starving kids still don’t seem to have a pot to piss in. And it will be the same next year, and the year after. It will continue this way until there is complete global control or until we decide to wake up and stop allowing it to happen. We care more about feeling like we are doing the right thing, as opposed to actually doing the right thing. And I dread to believe that we are all really that selfish and lazy that we would rather live a lie comfortably than seek the truth in discomfort. Or are we? I mean, isn’t that the reason we have become very easy to control and manipulate; the fact that we are in fact selfish and lazy beings? If enough people endorse it, we believe it, because believing anything else would mean a shake and change in our whole existence and that is scary, not to mention inconvenient. We have become complacent living a lie. When will this change? Factors around us serve to make this change almost impossible; if everyone really was equal and if things were fair, there would be no way a minority could control a majority as they are very successfully doing so now. The last thing the rich and powerful need is a nation of enlightened and self-sufficient beings; it would be devastating for profit and global domination plans. So, they continue to keep us in the dark; doing just enough to keep our egos stroked and our conscience clear, but not enough for anything to truly change.

If you are tired of sitting in the dark, get in touch.

Alien. Project. P.

It’s a Fashion Frenzy!!!

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment



So I must be the luckiest girl alive because I’ve been asked to get involved with Fashion Frenzy; a fashion fundraiser in aid of Children In Need, organized by Dilema!

In 2009, Dilema were featured live on the BBC, handing over their cheque to Pudsey bear. They have now been asked to host another fashion event to help raise money for the renowned charity event.   And guess who’s doing the live interviews? 🙂 🙂 I’m assuming you guessed right but just in case you struggled…. me me me! I will be behind the scenes, backstage, conducting all of the interviews and also covering the event for Little Miss Fashion so I’ll be a busy bee! Exciting times.  The event includes fashion shows showcasing LFW designers, auctions,  and a diamond hunt! If you don’t wish to attend simply to support such a great charity, surely fashion, diamonds and cupcakes could tempt you? Oh I didn’t mention cupcakes? Well I have now. Yummm…. Sorry let me focus! (It’s extremely hard to write when hungry) As I was saying….

I am extremely excited to be a part of such a huge event and I am asking you all for the support this event needs in order to be the success it can be. We are expecting a lot of press & media attention along with celeb & music artists, so anyone involved would be gaining great coverage as well as helping us make this now annual event bigger & better.


If you would like to get involved in any way, make a contribution, exhibit your work or simply purchase tickets to be able to attend this event, then click here for further info or use the contact details at the bottom of this post. If you are a manager/PR to a celebrity who you wish to be involved then please also use the same contact.


Lets help make a difference! I look forward to seeing you there xx


Fashion Frenzy is being held at the Crowne Plaza, Docklands, 14th November. Contact: 07960 246 222 /07432 175 424 or click here 





Minutes Of Your Time For Minutes of Cancer Research

November 25, 2010 1 comment

Hey peeps.

Just a quick update…. You’ll notice on the right hand side of my blog a new badge titled; “Help Me Support The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund”.

It is very simple, easy and quick to help to support their research. Just click on the badge and complete some very straightforward tasks.

This particular research is especially important to me, and I hope that you will assist me in raising minutes for research or money. It doesn’t cost you a thing but could save lives.

Drop me a little comment if you’ve supported, just so I can thank ya and recognize 🙂 If you could also help spread the word that would be much appreciated.

I have also helped to send 4 children emergency supplies in Chile, and it took me all of 10 minutes.

Please do your part!

Thank you

Portia xx

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