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Black Hair Magazine

Have you picked up a copy of Black Hair Magazine yet? If not, go and do it!! You’ll find me on pages 73-77 xx

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Models eat too!!!

A few days ago I filmed for celebrity hair stylist Charlotte Mensah, for videos that will be shown at her talks and conferences across Bulgaria. I almost didn’t make the shoot as I had been booked for another shoot that day; but everything worked out perfectly. Here are some behind the scenes pics….

It was what you might call a relaxed yet professional shoot; I say relaxed as there was plenty of food and champagne, and that is not common in my work lol. I probably have to be the only model you have met, or the only female in general that eats as much as I do. On arrival I ate a burger, shortly after before even make up, I was eating jollof rice and chicken, then in between shooting I was eating tuna pasta. It’s shocking that I stay in shape, but I have never believed in starving yourself (in fact, I believe in quite the opposite)

Charlotte Mensah is a fantastic hair stylist and entrepreneur, winning a Business Woman Of The Year award and travelling all over the world due to high demand.

I actually recommended another model/actress for the filming; Sharea Samuels. Sharea is stunning and mad talented; look out for a feature on her soon.

I will be in quite a few publications in the forthcoming weeks/months so keep a look out

P xx

The Show Must Go On!

Hey, hey, hey. Unfortunately I’ve been stupidly ill; insomnia is causing all sorts of madness to happen to my little body! Got a bit of a scare yesterday but the show must go on. Had a shoot yesterday for a hair magazine so as you can imagine my wild curls came out to play. My styles varied from curly and afro, to straight. I haven’t got any images yet besides these where I am rocking something…. interesting. That’s why I love shoots; you get to experiment. Well, you get experimented on should I say. The stylist was amazing; so creative. She would make something fabulous out of a naff piece of material. I wish I had more BTS images. I’ll post more if I get my hands on some xx

Look out for the finished pics in the mag. I have got so many shoots lined up over the next couple of weeks so I am working on my insomnia. Any tips send my way. Love xx

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