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Damsel In Distress with No Dress; Can YOU help?

February 23, 2011 3 comments

Dear Everyone,

I am in a slight pickle!! The premier for Anuvahood is only a few weeks away and I still have not decided on a dress! (Let alone even look at shoe options)

I have always been a last minute kinda girl and if I’m honest I didn’t really give it much thought up until now. But I have decided to be more organized! Sooooo for the last couple of days I have used my spare time (which amounts to about 7 minutes, literally) to see what I can find.

I was torn between a gorgeous Alexander Wang design and a stunning piece from Lanvin. My choice was made for me when it turned out that neither was available in my size. *Angry face*.

I am now desperately seeking your help! What should I wear? No doubt my shoes will be from one of my favourite designers, Giuseppe Zanotti, but until I find the perfect dress, how do I find the perfect shoes? Hmmm. Maybe pick shoes first and work around that? Either way, please please please help a sista out. A sista who has no spare time, terrible organizational skills, is very indecisive and will find herself with no chosen dress come the Premier. Please leave suggestions below. I am also very interested in any suggestions of up and coming designers. Looking forward to your thoughts,

Love ya xx

Advertisement Campaign; Giuseppe Zanotti Fall Winter 2010-11

August 28, 2010 2 comments

Welcome to my first advertisement campaign post! With shoes being a girls best friend (when diamonds aren’t around) it only made sense for me to blog the beautiful creations by Giuseppe Zanotti. This fall Winter collection sees the originality and creativity we are used to. Satin, suede and leather are combined; shiny pumps with stiletto heels, sandals with satin bows, ankle boots…. Zanotti is a shoe master.

The model (Anja Rubikin) is sexy, dynamic and confident, and I’m not surprised; look at what she is wearing on her feet. But as always, Giuseppe exalts femininity in his latest collection, posing the question; are shoes used to express our personality? I think so.

And with shoes like these; they aren’t simply accessories, but a way of life

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