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Full Cut The Chat episode feat Portia Freno

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

You can now watch the full Cut The Chat episode here. I had a lot of fun filming and it is a great watch, however due to the way it was edited it looks like I said I was lead in Adam Deacons film Anuvahood… I didn’t say that… I in fact said I had a dream that Adam wrote a film and put me as lead, and it turned out shortly after that he had in fact written a film and wanted me to audition for various roles… what a coincidence aye? Anyway, no one has said anything but just thought I would clear that up 😉

Anyway, thanks to the Cut The Chat team! Enjoy 🙂



Hope to see you all xx

Anuvahood Tour July 4th!

Anuvahood is going on tour! Following the success of the £2.1million box office smash hit, Anuvahood will be available on DVD July 4th. And to celebrate the release and it’s success, some of the cast, including myself, will be hitting the road on a nationwide signing tour. I’m incredibly excited about meeting the supporters, the press, the photos and getting the chance to push the DVD further. Anuvahood DVD or Blu-Ray is available to pre-order from all great stores and sites, including Amazon, Tesco, Love film etc. Grab a copy xx

New episode of Take Down feat. Anuvahood, Kings of Leon and an interview with acclaimed director of The Round-Up, Rose Bosch

British Asian Music Awards

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

I was really excited when Adam Deacon, Anuvahood co writer Michael Vu, Jazzie and myself were invited to the AMA’s. What was even better was that we were asked to present an award on stage! I handed over the award to DJ Kayper for best DJ and I felt truly privileged. A few of you caught it on bbc red button but I missed it! I will upload more pics of the night as and when I receive them.

It was lovely bumping into my girl Jaya; she was actually nominated for an award which is a huge achievement. However Preeya Kalidas beat her to it. Preeya also performed with Skepta which I thoroughly enjoyed. And like most good events there was a constant flow of alcohol at the table. I was NOT happy with the food though so the AMA’s could never score a 10/10 with me. However, it was a successful night and it was great seeing so much talent under one roof. I bumped into Damage and Andre congratulated me on the film and gave me some great advice.

Lots of love to Nasima, Asian Woman magazine, Anjna, Natasha, Samir and Raishma Couture who dressed me in a stunning fusion hand made suit.

I was papped stepping out of the car!

All of us at the end of the night

With co writer Michael Vu before the show

Anuvahood, Anuva cover, Anuva feature

February 26, 2011 1 comment

Anuvahood made the cover for Flavour Magazine! Well done to Adam Deacon, Richie Campbell and Jazzie who look very hot and serious in their poses haha. During a press shoot, Flavour mag also caught up with myself, Mz Bratt, Aisleyne and Carmell for some quick beauty gossip. Visit pages 28-29 by clicking here to have a nosey xx

Another day, Another shoot, ANUVAHOOD!

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

A sneaky peek at some of the Anuvahood cast including myself, shooting the poster! Lots more to come soon 🙂

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