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Exclusive; Speak Up UK Speaks to Portia Freno

July 10, 2011 4 comments


Bucie Album Launch Party

Waaaaay overdue! Anyone who knows me well knows that I love my HOUSE music; and anyone who doesn’t like house music doesn’t know music! Simple. I’m NOT a raver and have no interest in standing in clubs, so when I hit the town you know it’s for something worthwhile… 🙂

This time it was for Bucie’s album launch party. If you don’t know about Bucie, GET TO KNOW!

Bucie is a deep house vocalist from South Africa who has worked a lot with Black Coffee. (The last time I went out before the Bucie launch was the Black Coffee party 🙂 )

We were literally right at the front of the stage; Bucie looked deep into my eyes and blew me a kiss. Yeah yeah, she did it to a few others also, and what! It was good enough for me. Got to be honest though, I wasn’t too impressed with the lip syncing. Fair enough; it’s hard to sing AND dance and she had fantastic stage presence and a great energy. However, when it comes to gigs as intimate as that, you can’t get away with miming! Another disappointment was the lack of organisation and the fact that the night shut off early. But to be honest, after seeing Bucie perform I was ready to call it a day anyway; my belly was rumbling.

Bucie performed some of her big tracks including “Superman” and “Your Kiss”. If you are only hearing about Bucie for the first time, then there are too many tracks you need to educate yourself on, but “Respect Me” is a good place to start. Enjoy 🙂

Portia Freno shoots for Ohema Ohene

I shot the look book and editorial for established African designer Ohema Ohene. It was a pleasure visiting her boutique and I fell in love with a few pieces. The new collection will see British designs with an African influence. I will blog a new post in the Fashion section, featuring some of the collection, so look out for that.

The editorial was a little crazy, with me sporting green lips and freaky eyes. I LOVE editorial so was really up for it, not to mention green being one of my favourite colours. I’ve never had to shoot so quickly though; had to deliver the shots within seconds before rushing off! Was good working with Luke Nugent who recently worked with Jessie J. A sweet guy to work with and very humble considering his talent. I definitely intend on working with him for one of my own shoots in the future. Check out his work here

I wasn’t able to get pics of my final make up look, but took some quick snaps for you during make up so you can get an idea.

After filming, I rushed to meet my girl Sharea who was on set, to do a bit of networking and show my support. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the project!

I then had a few hours of chilling out with my girls which felt soooo good; I even had a cuppa! My girl curled my hair (blurry pic alert)

Later in the evening, I travelled to Kizzy’s house where her and her girl Kisha had started on a track; it sounded baaaaaad. Looking forward to when that is completed.

Gotta dash daahlings,


Triple Threat – Kizzy

April 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Big, big BIG!! Forthcoming single from singer/songwriter Kizzy and I’m soooooo happy that I can be the FIRST site to share this with you. Former member of pop trio Fya, Kizzy is definitely one to look out for this year. After taking some time out Kizzy is bursting back on the scene with unbelievably fresh and raw talent. I’ve watched this girl produce beats from scratch, so she’s a triple threat. This track “On Your Drum” is already on my playlist, and is a perfect summer sizzler. I’d love your feedback xx

Kizzy JUST joined the madness that is twitter so be one of the first to follow her by clicking here

Kizzy’s Soundcloud

Snobbish 16 – Kizzy

April 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Singer/Songwriter Kizzy faces my Snobbish 16. Kizzy is an amazing singer with a soft and soulful voice I can listen to for hours. I’m really looking forward to her forthcoming music. But when I catch her tipsy at The Hoxton, will she pass the Snobbish 16?

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