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July 25, 2011 3 comments


Location; various school visits and DVD/poster signing at Asda Milton Keynes

I wore a green haulter neck from an unknown boutique in Spain, True Religion cut up jeans, leopard print heels from Guess and jewellery from Freedom

Click on the images to enlarge them; see if you can spot yourself! ūüôā


Asian Today feature

Read the full feature on Portia Freno in the Asian Today, online here

Flyer Newspaper feature

Read the full feature here!

Hope to see you all xx

Anuvahood UK Premiere (Finally!!)

March 30, 2011 Leave a comment

The Anuvahood Premiere was a huge success. The Leicester Square Empire was packed and buzzing with uk talent and excited press/journalists. ¬†When I first arrived, there were fans outside who asked for pics/autographs and said they loved my dress; that brightened my spirits as it had been a very hectic day, I had had 15 mins to get ready so had no time for hair and make up (shower and slip on dress) and was a little anxious about the state I was in lol. So thanks to those who showed love outside. I love you. Thank you to Lara’s Boutique and Mango PR for the dress hook up. Great choice with a Jovani creation.

The first hour or so was spent on press and networking, everyone mingling, clocking familiar faces and many getting tipsy at the bar. I just about had time to grab a drink before we headed into the cinema to catch the very end of Adam’s speech. I know, I’m terrible. You can catch the speech online here.

There were a few cheers and whistles when “Persia” hit the screen so I was happy. It was soooo weird seeing myself on the big screen; weirder than seeing myself on the billboards! All I know is, Persia certainly knows how to strut!

The cinema was literally laughing from start to finish, and there was such a nice warm buzz of support around the cinema; it felt like a good moment for Uk film. The room was huuuge and it was great to see all the seats taken and how well attended the premiere was. I’ve been to premieres for big US films that have been smaller. All in all it was a success.

Anuvahood made back it’s budget and more in the first 3 days. It went to no.3 in the UK Box Office within 2 days. It then went to no.1 and more UK cinemas decided to screen it. If the cinema near you is NOT screening Anuvahood then make sure you complain until it is!

Well done Adam Deacon, Michael Vu, the Anuvahood cast, Revolver, Media Moguls, Gunslinger Films, Red Sparrow

Also attended by Professor Green, Aggro Santos, Bianca Gascoigne¬†(who stood on and ripped the bottom of my dress – she was very apologetic after… do apologies pay for dresses??? ) Simon Webbe,¬†Alison Carroll,¬†Ashley Walters, Imogen Thomas, Dexter Fletcher, Rebecca Ferdinando, Preeya Kalidas, Lizzy Cundy, Louisa Lytton, Jessia-Jane Clement, Dakota Blue Richards,¬†Karim Roundi.

British Asian Music Awards

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

I was really excited when Adam Deacon, Anuvahood co writer Michael Vu, Jazzie and myself were invited to the AMA’s. What was even better was that we were asked to present an award on stage! I handed over the award to DJ Kayper for best DJ and I felt truly privileged. A few of you caught it on bbc red button but I missed it! I will upload more pics of the night as and when I receive them.

It was lovely bumping into my girl Jaya; she was actually nominated for an award which is a huge achievement. However Preeya Kalidas beat her to it. Preeya also performed with Skepta which I thoroughly enjoyed. And like most good events there was a constant flow of alcohol at the table. I was NOT happy with the food though so the AMA’s could never score a 10/10 with me. However, it was a successful night and it was great seeing so much talent under one roof. I bumped into Damage and Andre congratulated me on the film and gave me some great advice.

Lots of love to Nasima, Asian Woman magazine, Anjna, Natasha, Samir and Raishma Couture who dressed me in a stunning fusion hand made suit.

I was papped stepping out of the car!

All of us at the end of the night

With co writer Michael Vu before the show

Gotta LOVE it and give praise!

March 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I honestly do not know where to start! I probably shouldnt even start as haven’t got a lot of time yet have A LOT to tell you all. The last few weeks have been a blur of events, press and promotion, not to forget LOVE. I thought I’d emphasize the word LOVE as it’s what makes the world go round and it’s what has taken me to the physical and mental place I am in today. It is LOVE that keeps me grounded and helps me to rise above those that can only hate. It is also love and support that took Anuvahood The Movie to NUMBER 1 in the UK Box Office!!! As a result, it is now screening in even more cinemas! I can’t even imagine the happiness that Adam Deacon and co-writer Michael Vu must feel, as I alone am estactic!

Thank you to those that have reached out to me to show ur support and to give congrats. Lots more love to those that attended the premiere, or showed support outside. It was surreal signing autographs; typically I signed them with lots of hearts and kisses lol. I’m being stopped on the street and being asked if I am “Persia” lol.

Ive got vids and pics to share with you; they will come soon. They will include the Anuvahood Premiere, Kut Klose concert, The British Asian Sports Awards, the AMA’s where I presented an award to best DJ, Adam’s birthday party and more. Things have been ridiculously busy so I can only apologize that you have had to wait for images and footage you should be getting exclusively and before anyone else. So slap my wrist, tell me off and then look forward to the following posts.

It’s slowly, very slowly coming together and I couldn’t be happier. It was amusing to see the same people that usually doubt me, at a premiere of a film that I am in, asking for my picture. It was great hearing that Anuvahood made number 1, after some people doubted it and labelled it rubbish. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

Lots of Love to my mum, my Lion and saviour, Ivory Brown, my girls, and GOD.

I will upload everything soon for you;please subscribe so you are alerted of new posts.
P xx

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