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On the beach ♥

August 10, 2011 7 comments

I thought I’d share with you one of the shots from a recent shoot in France. I love how natural the pictures are, free from make up and airbrushing, and how the photographers I worked with have all managed to capture my emotions and character.


The image below, was taken by Terry King.  I hope you like 🙂




Splash! Portia Freno beach shoot

July 28, 2011 10 comments

On Saturday I was off to France with the amazing Adrian Pini, to shoot with FIVE photographers! I was expecting it to be a very hard and challenging day, and although was a little excited, saw it as work all the same. However, it was nothing but a pleasure from start to finish! I was very fond of all 5 photographers, so much so that, even when I was freezing my arse off in wet clothes I still smiled and laughed and delivered. It’s always delightful to shoot with like-minded and positive people; Adrians passion for his work is undeniable and it definitely sparks motivation within the teams he works with.

The advantage of shooting with 5 photographers is you get 5 different styles, angles and perceptions, and each photographer added their own unique flair. And of course, I did my thing 🙂

In the future, I would like to do an individual piece on each photographer I worked with to introduce them to you, so if ever you need a photographer you know where to go to.

I got some AMAZING shots, truly, truly amazing and I cannot wait to share with you. I actually had to give myself a pat on the back cos I was definitely on my A game, plus I had no hair or make up so had to work harder to make the pictures strong and believable. The end result saw hundreds of natural snaps lazing in the dunes, splashing in the water and strolling along the beach. I also had to film videos which I am very excited in seeing. Here are some behind the scenes pics xx

Credits: Adrian Pini, Ayad Al Adnani, Mikey Dread, Sam Chronicle, David Kittos, Terry King

Portia Freno shoots with Carlos Peralta ♥

May 24, 2011 1 comment

Although this was last year, many of you haven’t seen it; I don’t think I ever blogged it. So here’s a short snippet of me shooting with Carlos Peralta. I have always admired his work so I was really pleased when I found out I was shooting with him in New Jersey.

Enjoy xx

Here are some untouched/unedited images

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Models eat too!!!

A few days ago I filmed for celebrity hair stylist Charlotte Mensah, for videos that will be shown at her talks and conferences across Bulgaria. I almost didn’t make the shoot as I had been booked for another shoot that day; but everything worked out perfectly. Here are some behind the scenes pics….

It was what you might call a relaxed yet professional shoot; I say relaxed as there was plenty of food and champagne, and that is not common in my work lol. I probably have to be the only model you have met, or the only female in general that eats as much as I do. On arrival I ate a burger, shortly after before even make up, I was eating jollof rice and chicken, then in between shooting I was eating tuna pasta. It’s shocking that I stay in shape, but I have never believed in starving yourself (in fact, I believe in quite the opposite)

Charlotte Mensah is a fantastic hair stylist and entrepreneur, winning a Business Woman Of The Year award and travelling all over the world due to high demand.

I actually recommended another model/actress for the filming; Sharea Samuels. Sharea is stunning and mad talented; look out for a feature on her soon.

I will be in quite a few publications in the forthcoming weeks/months so keep a look out

P xx

The Show Must Go On!

Hey, hey, hey. Unfortunately I’ve been stupidly ill; insomnia is causing all sorts of madness to happen to my little body! Got a bit of a scare yesterday but the show must go on. Had a shoot yesterday for a hair magazine so as you can imagine my wild curls came out to play. My styles varied from curly and afro, to straight. I haven’t got any images yet besides these where I am rocking something…. interesting. That’s why I love shoots; you get to experiment. Well, you get experimented on should I say. The stylist was amazing; so creative. She would make something fabulous out of a naff piece of material. I wish I had more BTS images. I’ll post more if I get my hands on some xx

Look out for the finished pics in the mag. I have got so many shoots lined up over the next couple of weeks so I am working on my insomnia. Any tips send my way. Love xx

Another day, Another shoot, ANUVAHOOD!

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

A sneaky peek at some of the Anuvahood cast including myself, shooting the poster! Lots more to come soon 🙂

Regarding incident

December 16, 2010 2 comments

I noticed my blog hits go a little crazy and quadruple since earliers incident, so felt it only right I commented for those who are visiting this site for further info. Though to be honest; there isn’t much further info to disclose as I do not wish to be further involved. All I can tell you is…. a saddening incident occurred earlier and I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was on my way to a photo shoot and did NOT expect to walk past what I did…. I made the mistake of tweeting what I saw and immediately after my tweet the press were all over it. I am quite pissed that they have involved my name so freely over every publication when I only gave permission to BBC News and Sky News, and that was just to use my picture and only my picture. I have NOT been a witness and have no intentions to be. They have contacted my management and myself and we have both declined to comment further. And I will certainly NOT be doing any interviews on the matter.

I am just upset that such nonsense is still happening. Let’s get it together London….

On a brighter note, the photo shoot to follow todays incident was amazing and I shall post some behind the scenes pics soon.

Stay safe,

Love P xx

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