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Full Cut The Chat episode feat Portia Freno

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

You can now watch the full Cut The Chat episode here. I had a lot of fun filming and it is a great watch, however due to the way it was edited it looks like I said I was lead in Adam Deacons film Anuvahood… I didn’t say that… I in fact said I had a dream that Adam wrote a film and put me as lead, and it turned out shortly after that he had in fact written a film and wanted me to audition for various roles… what a coincidence aye? Anyway, no one has said anything but just thought I would clear that up 😉

Anyway, thanks to the Cut The Chat team! Enjoy 🙂


Splash! Portia Freno beach shoot

July 28, 2011 10 comments

On Saturday I was off to France with the amazing Adrian Pini, to shoot with FIVE photographers! I was expecting it to be a very hard and challenging day, and although was a little excited, saw it as work all the same. However, it was nothing but a pleasure from start to finish! I was very fond of all 5 photographers, so much so that, even when I was freezing my arse off in wet clothes I still smiled and laughed and delivered. It’s always delightful to shoot with like-minded and positive people; Adrians passion for his work is undeniable and it definitely sparks motivation within the teams he works with.

The advantage of shooting with 5 photographers is you get 5 different styles, angles and perceptions, and each photographer added their own unique flair. And of course, I did my thing 🙂

In the future, I would like to do an individual piece on each photographer I worked with to introduce them to you, so if ever you need a photographer you know where to go to.

I got some AMAZING shots, truly, truly amazing and I cannot wait to share with you. I actually had to give myself a pat on the back cos I was definitely on my A game, plus I had no hair or make up so had to work harder to make the pictures strong and believable. The end result saw hundreds of natural snaps lazing in the dunes, splashing in the water and strolling along the beach. I also had to film videos which I am very excited in seeing. Here are some behind the scenes pics xx

Credits: Adrian Pini, Ayad Al Adnani, Mikey Dread, Sam Chronicle, David Kittos, Terry King

Channel M

Channel M caught up with Adam at our Manchester signing; make sure you watch the whole thing as you see quite a bit of me in it 🙂 xx

Pinkberry in Selfridges! ♥

July 19, 2011 3 comments

OoooooMmmmmmmDdddddddd!!!! I LOVE my followers because they know me so well; they JUST informed me that Pinkberry will be opening in Selfridges! They knew how much this news would excite me!! Pinkberry was like my favourite spot when living in New York; I just couldn’t get enough. Now the number 1 frozen yoghurt brand has found a home in Selfridges and I think it’s safe to say where you will be able to find me if ever I go missing. Here’s a vid of me eating Pinkberry in New York FOR THE FIRST TIME. This documents me getting hooked on Pinkberry; I’ve needed help ever since!

Here’s what Selfridges have to say:

Number one frozen yogurt brand Pinkberry makes its UK debut at Selfridges London on 3 August.

Amongst Pinkberry’s global army of fans is a solid celebrity following including David Beckham, Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga, and it’s not hard to see why.

Pinkberry offers over 30 different tasty toppings for 6 distinct flavours of this little pot of refreshing deliciousness. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the products are made with only low fat yogurt and natural low fat milk.

Pinkberry is a Los Angeles born brand that now has over 130 outlets across the globe but not one in the UK…until now! Selfridges Buying Manager, Tanya McMullen, believes Pinkberry will add a new dimension to the Foodhall: “Pinkberry brings with it a global and celebrity following on a huge scale. We’re thrilled to be launching the first UK destination of the brand whose first store opening resulted in 1,000 parking tickets! That’s the power of Pinkberry and we can’t wait to bring it to London.”

Pinkberry frozen yoghurt will be available in the Selfridges Foodhall from 3 August. Get the date in your diary to see what the buzz is all about and be one of the first to sample Pinkberry on British soil!

Black Hair Magazine

Have you picked up a copy of Black Hair Magazine yet? If not, go and do it!! You’ll find me on pages 73-77 xx

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Quick catch up xx

Well, well, well what can I say! I am actually embarrassed about the fact that I haven’t blogged all week! I hate hate hate seeing blogs that are not updated DAILY. It’s almost pointless having one if it is not regularly active. HOWEVER, and it is a big however, I cannot quite stress to you just how busy I am these days. I know, I know, I always say I’m busy and I should be used to it by now…. but seriously, this is a different kind of busy. It’s the kind of busy that never ends but is always welcomed as I am working towards amazing things 🙂 I’ve got toooo much to share with you! Too many pics to upload, too many videos and great news that should excite many of you. In the meantime, please continue to show your support as it really is what keeps me going, and I PROMISE you it will not be much longer until I have not only news for you, but I may even upload some music…. !!!!!


I used to think I was too busy to dedicate enough time to music a few months ago, but now I’ve taken busyness to a whole next level! Nevertheless, I do my best to sneak in some studio sessions whenever I can, and I will endeavor to share my sounds with you soon.


So, the big tour starts Monday 4th. I received the full itinerary a few days ago and lets just say it’s looking BIG. We will be inundated with press and interviews and I’m just so happy to see the film become as huge as it has. I can’t give Adam and Michael, as well as everyone else involved, enough credit. I don’t think they even anticipated how big the film would be! Besides signing sessions and press, the tour also includes school visits where we will be doing acting workshops with the pupils; how exciting! THIS is what excites me the most; being able to give back and to see what amazing talent the younger generation have to offer. That’s what is most rewarding.  Adam and Jazzie will also be performing the soundtrack in Trafford, so if that’s near you come down! Please visit the Anuvahood page for more info on the tour,  or just give me a shout. The page has almost 70,000 fans! UK film is taking over!


I am the new face of a beautiful French clothing label 🙂 I will reveal more as and when it is appropriate. What I will tell you, is I just finished shooting the commercial here in London and will fly to Paris to shoot another commercial later in the year. I will post more details on a later date.


Look out for me in lots of publications this month! I will blog some as and when I receive tear sheets or happen to randomly open a mag and see myself in it, like what happened a couple of days ago!


I hope you are all well and good. I am itching to post more fashion pieces and will do so soon; I received some exciting and exclusive news from one of your favourite stores…. 🙂


God bless xx

“Life is all about risks and it requires you to jump. Don’t be a person who has to look back and wonder what they would have or could have had. No one lives forever.”

Models eat too!!!

A few days ago I filmed for celebrity hair stylist Charlotte Mensah, for videos that will be shown at her talks and conferences across Bulgaria. I almost didn’t make the shoot as I had been booked for another shoot that day; but everything worked out perfectly. Here are some behind the scenes pics….

It was what you might call a relaxed yet professional shoot; I say relaxed as there was plenty of food and champagne, and that is not common in my work lol. I probably have to be the only model you have met, or the only female in general that eats as much as I do. On arrival I ate a burger, shortly after before even make up, I was eating jollof rice and chicken, then in between shooting I was eating tuna pasta. It’s shocking that I stay in shape, but I have never believed in starving yourself (in fact, I believe in quite the opposite)

Charlotte Mensah is a fantastic hair stylist and entrepreneur, winning a Business Woman Of The Year award and travelling all over the world due to high demand.

I actually recommended another model/actress for the filming; Sharea Samuels. Sharea is stunning and mad talented; look out for a feature on her soon.

I will be in quite a few publications in the forthcoming weeks/months so keep a look out

P xx

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