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Approval necessary?

September 22, 2012 2 comments


So I recently found myself saying something not unfamiliar to many of you I’m sure…. “I’m tired of people taking the piss, people take kindness for weakness, I’m sick of everyone’s sly and selfish ways, everyone is out for themselves…. I’m DONE with people!!’ It seemed to me that I was running around doing groundwork (the hard work) whilst everyone else was doing what they wanted, when they wanted. It appeared that, everyone was turning to me, asking me for help, advice, guidance, to do something for them; it was me always pushing and encouraging others, me trying to motivate people, extending way out of my immediate team, even strangers on the street! I felt like I had wasted many years worrying about other people’s problems and not my own, and worse still, felt like the few times I did decide to present a problem, it wasn’t taken seriously!  Where was my encouragement? Everyone just kinda expected me to not need any. After a while, one feels drained. It’s like all the positive physical and mental energy gets sucked out of you and you carry the problems of the world on your shoulders. There you are, in a pickle, stressed, overloaded with work, deprived of sleep and of course a social life, but you have to keep smiling, have to motivate the people around you. Most people do not even realise what is going on. Oh, just a few work issues, nothing major. Oh she’s upset, something to do with some black history thing, you know how she is. They do not understand the amount of energy it takes to be responsible for other people’s mistakes, to have to maintain a positive energy through the crappiest of times not only for yourself but for a lot of other people who are relying on you. They have no idea that while half the time you’re smiling, inside you’re asking yourself why people are blindly funding war, or why babies are being murdered over power, greed and confusion. They do not get why you worry about the state of society, as though they are not part of it! After a while, you just learn to completely forget your problems, and put them second to everyone else’s. Besides, you have to see the bigger picture right? Caring for others is the most valuable virtue we have to offer; love. But that is another time, another post…… Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Even when you’ve got people judging you left right and centre, people relying on you left right and centre, snakes slithering silently causing all sorts of trouble, you just have to cut the grass and keep it moving. As Jim Rohn says, you just have to smile and say, “Well isn’t that interesting….”. Whilst speaking of  Jim Rohn, he was one of the reasons, besides the others that I will soon explain to you, why I have now stopped thinking and making such statements as the ones I posed to you at the start of this piece. I seem to constantly worry in my mind of the world, of our people, what we can do to change and better ourselves together; I often find myself in a very sad place of concern for those who are being wronged; I am a Libra and I think that contributes to my strong desire for justice. At one point I vowed to myself to never do this again, to stop caring, but then I listened to one of Jim Rohns talks on a DVD, and he spoke about how when you care about other people and help them with their problems, yours just disappear! He said the more you help to continue to focus on bettering others, the more positive changes in your own life you will soon start to see. And I guess it kinda makes sense, I mean, you get what you put out right? And that doesn’t have to be exactly literal; just because you helped someone doesn’t mean that particular person should or will help you, neither does it necessarily mean they used you, neither does it mean that they were genuine, it just is what it is. But as long as you are genuine in your desire to help others and give out nothing but positivity and love, you will attract that back, even if from a different source or place than you expected or thought you wanted. And I have tended to stick to this way of thought in general anyway, of course with a few slip ups along my journey; I’m human and I’m growing.

I also remember tweeting not too long ago complaining of being “used and abused” and probably wrote something along the lines of “I’m done of letting people do me wrong and me not say anything, no more miss nice girl”, all that kinda rubbish, done helping people and speaking good of people who are only speaking bad of me, are disloyal blah blah blah, and then a fellow facebooker said that no I am not in fact done with people, that is my ego talking. He continued to say that I should continue doing what I am doing, as I am on the right and positive path. In hindsight, I’m slightly peeved that a stranger told me something I already very much knew and advise others, however I really appreciated his comment and honesty at the time, and again, like Jimmy, he is right. It is our egos that cause us to feel this way; why do we nearly always expect acknowledgement for what we do right? Surely that’s what we are supposed to do regardless, and the ones who aren’t, are the ones who should be getting themselves worked up and upset? Besides, people abusing you, being small minded, judgmental, disloyal, nasty, unreliable, I mean the list is endless, but the point is people that treat you this way or do these things tell you more about themselves than they do you, and if anything they are just a further reminder that we all really need to get it together and there is still a lot of confusion in the world. But turning your back on people, is like turning your back on yourself. How can we move forward without unity or understanding? Making a decision to spread hate instead of love or, if that’s too extreme, limiting the amount of people you reach out to and help regardless of who they are or what they’ve done you, has no beneficial value in the short or long run; not only are you now letting out a less than fully positive energy, but you’re slowing down the change that we all so much need; to accept each others differences, realise they are so less important than we think and to realise what makes us the same. What are we all striving for? What would we all love to see for ourselves and the world? I am sure, in fact pretty certain, that Peace and Love will make the top two responses.

Never allow let downs to throw you off your positive path or to change who you are as a person. Do not allow negativity or seclusion to become your defence for whenever you feel people are not appreciating you. You are here to appreciate yourself whilst helping your people and contributing to our future, and at the end of the day, it feels a lot better sitting back silently observing things and people slowly progressing and knowing you contributed to that, whether they know it or not. As long as everyone’s progressing in some way, shape or form, who cares? The most important approval worth having is self- approval; just make sure you’re always doing as much as you can to deserve it from yourself. The one’s that matter will catch on….





When it rains it pours? Rid of negativity NOW

I had to write a very quick post for you all which I hope helps to inspire you through hard times.

Do NOT underestimate the power of negativity! Yes, as I always tell you, our minds are our most powerful tools, so the same way we can manifest wonderful, beautiful and awesome things through a positive thought process, we can also create hugely negative situations without even realising we are doing it! How often do you find yourself in a great mood and then suddenly out of the blue, something or someone comes along with some BULLS*IT and tries to throw you off of your path? And what do you say to them or to the situation? Usually, something along the lines of, “Don’t rain on my parade!” “I am staying away from your negativity!”. And that is a good thing to say. However, what we fail to realise is we are the ones that attracted this negativity. Despite the positive vibes we thought we were sending out, somewhere, somehow, we in fact vibrated on a negative level in order to attract any bad situation. I mean, it’s simple physics that you cannot argue with; like attracts like. I know there are times when you just cannot work out why or how a certain bad situation happened to you. You go through your actions, your intentions and thoughts, and find it very hard to believe that you had any part to play in the negativity that came your way. Well I am telling you that you in fact played a huge part. I am not here to point fingers, judge or accuse. I say the same thing to myself whenever anything bad happens to me, no matter how unfair it seems at the time. But what is truly wonderful about knowing this is how much control of your life you can really start to have once you take full responsibility for both the good and the bad that occurs in your life. We are very quick to point fingers and place blame on others when stuff starts going wrong. And don’t get me wrong, of course other factors and others also play a part. But what others do right or wrong shouldn’t affect you; it only affects you as much as you let it, and you will only attract what you are supposed to, based on what you are putting out to the universe. So as much as it might be someone else’s fault that you were late, what did YOU do to put yourself in a situation like that in the first place? What signals were you sending out?

Now, knowing that we are capable of manifesting such wonderfully huge things whether good or bad, that should be an indication into how much power you have inside of you. And isn’t that exciting? I recently learned an amazing way to overcome bad times and to turn them into positive situations. How many times has something bad happened to you then suddenly it’s just one bad thing after the other? They say bad luck comes in threes. Well that is a load of rubbish. There is no such thing as bad luck; you create your world and the moments in it. And it is no coincidence that after the first thing went wrong, so did many other things around you. It is no coincidence at all. In fact, what happened was once the first bad thing happened, you lost that positive spark. You may have tried to remain positive, but deep down inside you didn’t truly believe it. You felt defeated. A little piece of your hope and belief was broken away. It weakened you. You then felt sorry for yourself; you asked yourself “why me?” and “what did I do to deserve this?“. But you see, they are negative thoughts and actions, and will only attract more unfortunate situations. So there came more “bad luck”, and more and more, until you came to accept that, oh well, these things happen and it is “just life”. Well that is not true! Your life can be full of constant and consistent wonderful moments of happiness that you are in control of! I said I had learned a way to deal with a negative situation didn’t I? And this is it: No matter how big or how small, if you find yourself laden with a negative situation, stop and say to yourself, Wow! Look at what I have created here! I am sorry that I have brought this on myself. I am sorry. I love and trust myself to overcome this situation. I am capable of great things! I am extremely powerful. So powerful, that look what I have created! I am sorry. I love you. I love you and I am sorry. Now that I know how powerful I am, I am going to use my power to attract wonderful things! I am focused once again!” 

No matter how big or how small, you must remind yourself that it was your power that attracted this; in fact, the bigger the negative situation is, the more power and negative energy you clearly gave out, whether you can understand it or not, it is true. And yes, it may be a hugely upsetting situation that you find yourself in, but the fact that it is huge shows how powerful you are! And focusing on how terrible it is will 100% not make it any better; in fact it is very likely to only make it worse. I am not saying live in denial, quite the opposite. Take full responsibility for what has occurred, apologise to yourself, send out messages of love to yourself and the universe and attack it with positivity. This is the only away things can improve.

I have many ways to train your mind to focus fully on positivity, some that I am still learning, some that I have mastered, which I will share with you very soon.

Realise YOUr Power….

Alien. Project.P

Detox your mind….

July 11, 2012 1 comment

We are told that we get what we focus on. And I fully believe that. The issue is, just how focused are we really? And just how easy, or hard, is it to remain focused in a society that does it’s best to ensure that we are so very far from? You see, what people fail to realise is, just knowing what you want is not enough. We are literally our thoughts, and our thoughts become our lives. We literally make moments happen, moments before they happen, simply down to our thoughts. Everything that happens in our lives, good or bad, we manifest and bring about ourselves. So knowing this, and knowing just how powerful our thoughts are and how extremely important, in fact knowing how crucial it is to stay focused and consistent in our thoughts, what does that tell you about our media culture? And just how much of our minds are really focused, and how much is constantly distracted by what is around us?

Some of you may already know that our subconscious mind controls a lot of our thoughts and actions…. does that not scare you? Everything we take in, frequencies, visuals, sounds, it affects our thought process without us even realising it. Yet we will happily sit in front of our tv screens, or play rubbish pop music as we drive to work with the kids in the back singing along oblivious to what they are actually saying. Has it ever occurred to you to turn off your TV’s? When was the last time you spent a week without turning your TV on? I personally don’t watch TV; it is a huge rarity for me to sit in front of the box full of lies and distractions, yet all around me I see people gossiping and ranting about the latest drama series or some pointless “reality” show which is in fact so far from reality it’s actually a joke and very deceiving. It is quite saddening to see the robots that society has produced. Have you ever wondered how powerful your mind would be if you were to give it a detox? So many thoughts you never even knew existed would soon come to light, in your mind. 

It occurred to me that the government do not want a society of powerful, enlightened beings. Because if we all knew our power, we would certainly not be happy to live how we currently are. As it stands, we are actually grateful for the set up we have here; we call ourselves lucky to be able to work for companies, borrow fresh air money from banks and drive nice cars. We deem success as paid off mortgages, or fame. We know so very little about what we actually are really capable of. And why? Why has this truth been suppressed from the majority of us? The minute we may even begin to question our existence, we are distracted by our blackberries, twitter, a debt collector, the latest episode of Eastenders, rushing to catch the train for work. By the time we begin to question our existence, we are so extremely exhausted from working all week, putting dinner on the table, not to mention dying to live up to an image created by our egos, that we never get too far into our research or questioning. And that is the set up that has been created for us. It is a set up that means a minority can control a majority. It is a set up that means the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, people are able to rape, murder and steal in front of our eyes without too much fuss and get away with it. It is the reason we have become addicted to unhappiness, and now mistake negativity for positive success. it is the reason we are our own worst enemies; self damaging and insecure. And it is only getting worse, generation after generation. 

Do you not ever wonder why the mainstream channels and radio stations offer us nothing but shite? You might argue with me, and say you enjoy what is on our TV screens. You might tell me that you in fact love Rihannas nursery rhyme pop music with distasteful and unintelligent lyrics. But I am telling you that you probably don’t, you just don’t know much better. You are surrounded with it, and you have grown to like it. The frequencies have tapped into your brain and become catchy, familiar to you. Your comfort zone has become a very dangerous place to be. It won’t be long before another 10 years has passed, and you haven’t really done anything that great with your life; not anything that most others haven’t done already, anyway. For many of us, we are living in the same way and the same set up as hamsters do; boxed up in our little houses, running running running around but not actually getting anywhere; only further from the truth. Our little set up works very nicely for the big banks that rule society, oh yes. We have fallen right into their trap. But how about claiming back our freedom? How about making the most of our lives? Every single aspect of our lives is controlled and all by the same few people; down to what we eat and what is put in our food, what we watch and listen to on television and our radios, what we wear or deem “fashionable”, what is cool and what is uncool, what is accepted. We are living an illusion and dying trying to live up to it. So knowing all this, would you really say that you are focused? Or would you say that you are focused on the options that have been given to you? If we were to just forget all the crap and the lies for one second and take ourselves out of this matrix and start doing our own independent research about history and life, we would find that we as human beings are capable of so much more. We will start to see the true injustice in the world and why it is happening. And then we will start to know the real meaning of true focus, because we will have something so much more meaningful and so much more natural to focus on. 

Have a think…. And I shall soon have some ways for you to detox your minds

Alien. Project.P

If we knew our power, we would understand we can’t be held down, If we knew our power, we would not elevate not one of these clowns – Akala 

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