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BEFFTA Press party

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment

The last few weeks have been a blur! It is an extremely busy time for me, what with filming, mentoring, a new staff selection process, a new office for Snobbish TV and the doing up of the new music studio! I am honestly not sure how I even made it to some of the recent events that I did; Wednesday night’s BEFFTA’s press party saw me sticking to my promise despite my sleep deprivation and attend nude; no make up, just red lips. The lipgloss that saved my life was the “Red Ruu” by Lipavenu Cosmetics; I find it applies easily with no mess, and although not a lip stain, the colour is long lasting; I only needed to reapply once throughout the night.




I wore a Juicy Couture lbd and teamed it with a pair of black Chanel pumps



With Lorna Sutara Gayle (Lorna Gee), star and founder of Sutara Academy of Performing Arts who will pick up a special BEFFTA this year, 27th October, and Tunia, who is a wonderful actress.


I could speak on the wonderful atmosphere, tasty canapés, great reception and inspirational people for many paragraphs however, time does not permit! More photos and coverage can be found on the new Snobbish TV website soon. I met some amazing people though and feel very blessed; you know who you are. Thank you for being an inspiration 🙂 




Regarding incident

December 16, 2010 2 comments

I noticed my blog hits go a little crazy and quadruple since earliers incident, so felt it only right I commented for those who are visiting this site for further info. Though to be honest; there isn’t much further info to disclose as I do not wish to be further involved. All I can tell you is…. a saddening incident occurred earlier and I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was on my way to a photo shoot and did NOT expect to walk past what I did…. I made the mistake of tweeting what I saw and immediately after my tweet the press were all over it. I am quite pissed that they have involved my name so freely over every publication when I only gave permission to BBC News and Sky News, and that was just to use my picture and only my picture. I have NOT been a witness and have no intentions to be. They have contacted my management and myself and we have both declined to comment further. And I will certainly NOT be doing any interviews on the matter.

I am just upset that such nonsense is still happening. Let’s get it together London….

On a brighter note, the photo shoot to follow todays incident was amazing and I shall post some behind the scenes pics soon.

Stay safe,

Love P xx

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