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Exclusive; Speak Up UK Speaks to Portia Freno

July 10, 2011 4 comments


Jakwob Feat Smiler – Right Beside You Official Video

After writing up on Jakwob feat Smiler’s “Right Beside You”, I had so much good feedback from people feeling the track, that it only makes sense I post the official video up for you. I should have posted this a few days ago as soon as it was released, but my schedule did not permit! Nevertheless, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can now

Jakwob feat Smiler “Right Beside You”

Besides my personal diary, fashion, music and beauty tips, my site is about blogging raw talent in general, which poses the question, “Why on earth have I not blogged about one of UK’s finest artists” ?? SMILER is currently flooding the UK music scene,and I am not hearing any complaints. His delivery is sharp, his sound fresh, and with it he brings a stage presence and confidence that not many UK rappers possess.

Smiler recently worked with the incredible producer Jakwob, who is known for his Ellie Goulding and Jessie J remixes. I just visited Jakwobs soundcloud and all I can say is damn…. I’m so loving him. Many of his beats have that classic old school feel. He is mad talented, check him out if you haven’t already.

Check out Jakwob’s “Right Beside You” feat Smiler, released June 19th. It’s going to be the featured track of the week for the site as well. BIG tune, loving the orchestral sounds and the contrast of Smilers cheeky tone. The female singer is a girl named Nikki from the group Soundgirl, who, as well as Jakwob and this tune, is signed to Mercury (Universal)

Enjoy xx


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